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Third-Party Developer Selection

Cain Brothers works with health systems and related providers seeking appropriate developer partners for their real estate development projects. We take a comprehensive multi-faceted approach to the evaluation of potential developers for new projects, using both qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods to assess:

  • Alignment of interests
  • Capital strength
  • Cost of capital
  • Flexibility, innovation, and timeliness
  • Health care development experience
  • Management experience
  • Ground lease experience
  • True project cost
  • Additional value
  • Physician investment opportunity

We work closely with management teams to identify key project objectives, potential issues, and available resources to gain a better understanding of the project and to craft a blueprint for the developer selection process. Each potential developer brings a unique mix of strengths and weaknesses that need to be compared and evaluated for the best fit with the project. Our developer selection process focuses on both quantitative and qualitative attributes and on the individuals that will work closely with the organization and the physician community.

The objective of our methodology is to find the strongest real estate partner that can provide the skills and resources the project needs at the most competitive cost and that best fits with the client and the community constituents. The result is a high quality project with reasonable, fair market rental rates that are affordable for the physician and health system occupants.