January 16, 2018

Industry Insights: January 16, 2018

Banker Commentary: John Buldo discusses how some of the new tax legislation provisions will impact healthcare. Market Commentary: It was…

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December 18, 2017

Industry Insights: December 18, 2017

Banker Commentary: Jill Frew explains how blockchain technology can transform healthcare related data and services. Healthcare News:  Under New Bill,…

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December 12, 2017

Industry Insights: December 12, 2017

Banker Commentary: Mike Davis describes some bright spots relating to financing real estate and “pass thru entities” in the proposed…

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December 4, 2017

Industry Insights Monthly Edition: December 4, 2017

Banker Commentary: Matt Goldreich looks at tax-reform and the potential impact on Private Activity Bonds and associated refinancings, which could…

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November 27, 2017

Industry Insights: November 27, 2018

Banker Commentary: Jorge Romero highlights the continuing flurry of M & A activity in the payer sector. Market Commentary: Chris…

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November 20, 2017

Industry Insights: November 20, 2017

Banker Commentary: Baby Boomers are making their presence felt in the senior living marketplace with some unique implications for how…

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November 13, 2017

Industry Insights: November 13, 2017

Banker Commentary: According to Nathan Bays, proposals from Congress and CMS Administrator Seema Verma in recent weeks, including tax reform,…

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November 6, 2017

Industry Insights: Monthly Edition for November 6, 2017

Banker Commentary: Matt Varghese highlights artificial intelligence, or “AI,” and its current and future impact on healthcare delivery. Market Commentary:…

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October 30, 2017

Industry Insights: October 30, 2017

Banker Commentary: John Soden discusses the current environment for MedTech M&A and contrasts it with Biotech opportunities. Market Commentary: Chris…

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October 23, 2017

Industry Insights: October 23, 2017

Banker Commentary: Ethan Hallberg notes that tighter operating margins led to softer credit metrics in the latest not-for-profit health system…

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